Poetry by Mary Olivo

Haiku – Settle

I just want to breath
into the stillness of night
to settle my soul.

Mary Olivo © 2020

Haiku – Release

I release you now
into the deep dark unknown
so I can be free.

Mary Olivo © 2019


Tread lightly on another’s heart
because the one you hurt,
will ultimately be your own.

Mary Olivo © 2019

Haiku – Escaped

I escaped madness
by an infinitesimal
soul battle of worth.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Denial

Shake off the veil.
Wipe the sleep of denial.
Wake … it was not real.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Dark One

Wolf in sheep’s clothing
snuck into my life and bed.
Dark one called him home.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Dance

The painful truth is,
I invited the vampire
to dance with my soul.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Fathom

It’s hard to fathom
that evil dresses itself
in someone you love.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Thank You

Thank you for leaving.
It was the one thing you did
that meant anything.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Two-Faced

You should have two heads
to reveal your two faces …
even though both lie.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Diabolical

best describes the whole of you
and all you have done.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Bully

It’s interesting
that you only have the spine
to bully women.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Truth

Beyond lies you tell,
and your sabotage attempts …
we both know the truth.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Project

I’m not beautiful?
Or interesting, or smart?
Words that define YOU.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Seal

I had cracks in me
that left me open to him.
I must seal them now.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Lips

Now I understand
why you have such big full lips.
They are filled with lies.

Mary Olivo © 2018


Suffocating from composure.
Boxed in by the repression imposed upon me that I unknowingly agreed to.
Silence is deadly.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Dull

You tear others down
because what you really know,
is that you are dull.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Mock

Who the hell mocks love?
A very sick empty soul
who has none to give.

Mary Olivo © 2018

Haiku – Dream Demon

Dream demon woke me
to the sinister darkness
sleeping next to me.

Mary Olivo © 2017

Lean In

Don’t get comfortable
Because once you do
Something will happen
to open you from heart to spleen.

Open you like the cracking separation of a fault line
leaving you raw, exposed, and changed forever

Don’t resist –

Lean into it like you would lean in for a passionate kiss.
Collapse inside and hang on for the ride

Because who you were will never be again
And the unveiling will be magnificent.

Mary Olivo © 2016

I Am the Sun

The power of the sun
blazes through my soul
lighting unrelenting darkness
that would crush me otherwise.

With bravery I expand
to the fire of radiant truth
burning every lie I have believed
that imprisoned my whole life.

I feverishly open
to all I cannot touch nor understand
and my spirit is now free
for the sun and I are one.

Mary Olivo © 2016


I was once a shining star
I see her right on the edge of my memory
She was an unencumbered spirit
expressing from every corner of her soul.

And while she may be lost
in the dark bleeding vortex of my pain

She is there –

Waiting to emerge
with a blinding force so strong
She will awaken
all that is dormant within me.

Mary Olivo © 2016

Haiku – Brighter

Tears from broken dreams.
My resilient heart expands;
I gleam brighter now.

Mary Olivo © 2016

Haiku – Dream

Dream a new dream now.
Believe it deep in your veins.
Wake and it is yours.

Mary Olivo © 2016

Haiku – Rise

Dance with me my love
into my abyss of pain
till I rise again.

Mary Olivo © 2016